פנסיונרים עם שאיפות

News Source Yediot Aharonot

Date Published: 25/04/2017

Author: Noam Barkan

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Medical Marijuana, the Growing Industry That’s Changing Healthcare

News Source i24news

Date Published: 18/08/2016

Author: Ayman Sikseck

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In Israel, Booming Medical Marijuana Looks to Conquer New Highs

News Source The Times of Israel

Date Published: 12/09/2016

Author: Melanie Lidman and Shoshanna Solomon

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The Israeli Man Who Dismantled Marijuana to Pieces

News Source The Jerusalem Post

Date Published: 03/08/2016

Author: Ofer Spottheim

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Land Of Milk And Cannabis

News Source The Jewish Week

Date Published: 07/09/2016

Author: Michele Chabin

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The Israeli Biomed Group’s Incubator will Provide Startups

News Source Globes

Date Published: 18/09/2016

Author: Gali Weinreb

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