General Information


The official language of the Conference is English


A commercial and professional exhibition will be take place during the conference

Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance may be obtained from the Registration Desk

Liability and Insurance

The conference organizers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, or for loss or damage of property belonging to conference participants (or their accompanying persons), either during, or as a result of the conference


Ben-Gurion International Airport is located 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. Taxi service (about $50/€30) and a modern airport train (about $4/€3) provide safe, fast and economic transportation into Tel Aviv

Pre and Post-Conference Tours

Pre and Post-Conference tours in Israel will be arranged for interested participants. Further details will be published under Tours


The unit of currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS) commonly known as the Shekel. Approximate currency rates as of January 2017 are as follows:
US $ 1 = NIS 3.85 Euro € 1 = NIS 4.05
There is no restrictions on transfer and use of foreign currencies in Israel.
Most international credit cards are accepted


Electricity in Israel is supplied at 220V, 50Hz and has a three-pin connecting plug

Value Added Tax Reimbursement (VAT in Israel is 17%)

According to the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law, a foreign tourist is able to benefit from a zero rate of VAT on a vast array of services obtained during a stay in Israel. In addition, a special arrangement exists whereby a tourist may also request a VAT refund on purchases made during a stay.

For more details please visit the official website of the Ministry of Finance, Israeli Department of Customs and VAT.

Local Time

Israel time zone is Standard time zone: UTC / GMT + 2 hours


The country code for Israel is +972