Call for Abstracts

The Deadline for Abstract Submission is April 15, 2017
Oral Presentation

10-15 minutes of oral presentation, including screened presentation
Please Note:
Abstract body is limited to 250 words.
Copy & paste your abstract into the abstract area, or type it in directly.
To enlarge the view of the abstract area, drag the arrow on the bottom of the abstract frame.
Most Important:
Use the tool bar below to insert/format special characters which were corrupted in the copy & paste process.
Images, tables, etc., must be uploaded as JPG, GIF or PNG using the most right icon of the upper row menu.

E-Poster Presentation

Electronic poster combined with up to 6 slides, presented throughout the whole conference duration on laptop computers based over the conference exhibition area.
Should the number of accepted abstracts exceed the number of slots for oral presentations, abstracts may be presented as posters. Authors will be advised on the presentation form in the acceptance letter, together with the instructions for poster preparation.

What is an E-poster?

The E-poster is a poster presented as a PDF presentation.
The E-poster presentations will be presented on a computer screen during the congress and not on a regular poster board.
Few computer stands will be distributed among the congress exhibition area.
The E-poster system allows every delegate to see all e-poster presentations.
The E-poster system allows you to search presentations by: Authors name, Abstract Title and Topic.
The E-poster system allows you to save a presentation on site either on disk-on key or send it by e- mail.
The uploaded E-poster should contain the same title, order of authors and affiliation details as the submitted abstract.

For further information, please contact the Conference Secretariat:

Paragon Group (Dan Knassim Ltd.)
PO Box 12089
15 Abba Even st.
Herzliya 4672533 Israel
Tel/fax: 972-3-5767715

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