Prof. Arnon Afek

Prof. Arnon Afek

Medical Deputy Director General, Ministry of Health

Israel Director NY/American MD Program, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Arnon Afek is the Medical Deputy Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Department of Medical Administration, after recently completing his tenure as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health (2014-15).

In 2015, Prof. Afek was personally appointed as a member of the Bureau of Governors of the OECD Health Committee, taking a role in designing and determining health policy in the OECD.

Since 2011, Prof. Afek also serves as the Director of the NY State/American MD Program and Professor of Pathology and Medical Administration at the Sackler School of Medicine and the Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University. Previously, Prof. Afek was the Director of Medical Affairs at the Israeli Ministry of Health (2012-2014) and the Deputy Director of Sheba General Hospital (2007-2012).

Prof. Afek is a Col. (res) and a member of the IDF-MC Helsinki (IRB) Committee and has previously served as the Head of Occupational Medicine and Medical Classification Branch as well as the Chairman of the Department of Medical Administration at the IDF Medical Corps (2004-7).

Dr. Arnon Afek received his medical training at the Hebrew University and  Hadassah School of Medicine (1981-1987), residency in Anatomical Pathology at the Sheba Medical Center and fellowship in Medical Administration (board certified Cum Laude) at the Sheba Medical Center and at the Ministry of Health. He completed M.A in Health Administration Cum Laude at Ben-Gurion University (2000-2002). He is a graduate of the Wexner Senior Leadership Executive Program (WSLP 16), Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Prof. Afek has published more than 150 peer reviewed papers in medical literature including in NEJMJAMA and Circulationand has received numerous awards, including the Tel Aviv University Rector’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Kellerman Award and the Goldberg Award, both for research in Cardiology; the Israel National Quality Award and the Award of Excellence in Military Medicine. He was awarded in 2016 the Israeli Civil Service Commission prizes for reducing bureaucracy in physician licensing and Quality Improvement award for refining Neonatal Units.

He lecturers in numerous medical conferences and delivered The John M. Eisenberg, M.D. International Lecture at The Commonwealth Fund’s 18th Annual International Symposium on Health Care Policy.