Mr. Haim Ramon

Mr. Haim Ramon

Former MK (Member of the Knesset), former Vice Prime Minister and former Minister of Health

Haim Ramon, a former Member of the Knesset (MK) from Kadima Party, served as Israel’s Vice Prime Minister, a position he had held in the years 2007-2009.Ramon began his political career within the Labor Party in the early 1970s. He was first elected to the Knesset in 1983 and since then served as a member of several Knesset Committees. In 1984 he was elected as Labor Coordinator in the Finance Committee. He served in Rabin’s and Peres’ governments as Interior Minister, Minister of Health and in an interim period as Chairman of the Histadrut (the general trade union). As Minister of Health, the Histadrut Chairman and MK he was the engineer and the engine of what was called “Health Revolution” – by legislating the revolutionary National Health Insurance Act, overcoming many obstacles and opposing powers and by saving the collapsing main sick fund (Klalit).

From 1996 to 1999 and in 2001 Ramon served as a member and later on as Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. In 1999-2001 he served in Barak’s government. In the beginning of 2000, he initiate and promote the idea of building a security fence between Israel and the West Bank, which eventually was built by Sharon’s Government and saved hundreds of Israeli’s lives. In 2003, Ariel Sharon described Ramon as “The father of the disengagement concept.” Ramon joined Prime Minister Sharon’s government in January 2005 as Minister without Portfolio, concentrating his efforts on helping Sharon to carry out the disengagement from the Gaza Strip. In November 2005 he joined the newly-formed Kadima party. Ramon was appointed by Prime Minister elect Olmert as Minister of Justice in 2006 and as a Vice Prime Minister in 2007. In 2009 he was elected as Kadima Member of the Knesset but resigned after 4 months.

In July 2009 Ramon was elected as the Chairman of Kadima Council until May 9th 2012.

Since 2009 he is involved in many business activities. He serves as:

  1. Advisor to the Head of  Keter Group Ltd., Mr. Sami Sagol, (one of the largest plastic manufacturers and marketers in the world)
  2. Director in “Mif’alim Petrochimiyeem” Ltd. – Israel Petrochemicals (a public company)
  3. Director in Direct Insurance Financial Investments Ltd. (a public insurance company)
  4. Owner of  Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club
  5. Ramon is a graduate of Tel Aviv University with a degree in Law Studies and he is a lawyer