Dr. Bareket Schiff-Keren

Dr. Bareket Schiff-Keren

Tel Aviv Medical Center

“WHO definition of Health is – a state of complete physical , mental and social well-being and not merely and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

With this in mind on one hand and with the understanding that as a doctor and caregiver my duty is to serve the public who come to get health service – I found that leaving my patients the freedom to use Cannabis is the best that I can offer them.”

Dr. Bareket Schiff-Keren Is a pain specialist for almost 4 decades.

Dr Bareket has  been working in Tel Aviv Medical Center for many years as a pain specialist and anesthesiologist.

She served for one year as the head the pain services in Hadassah,
Ein Karem.  Studied medicine in Tel Aviv university and did a fellowship in Albert Einstein medical center in New York

Here office is in Tel Aviv – from there she does clinical and research. She has seen patients with pain from various reasons – from acute terribly injured to chronic long standing low back pain , from dying patients with excruciating cancer pain to pains from an amputation of a fingertip, from a crying baby to a young strong adult muted with suffer.
Cannabis which was presented to here by a patient, was the answer for many of them as the sole agent that helped them to recover and to regain their WELL BEING.

“I hope CANNA10 will bring forward my observations and will enable me and my colleagues the doctors and scientists find more understanding and knowledge of the mechanisms on one hand and on the ways we could make this treatment more available to those who can benefit from it”.